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Internet Advertising Consultant - The Internet Advertising Scenario in India

Internet Advertising Consultant - The Internet Advertising Scenario in India

• The latest report from CIA Fact book pegs the Indian Internet audience at 50.6 mn, 4th behind the US, China & Japan. The future growth in the Internet audience is expected to be from Brazil, Russia, India & China (BRIC). Needless to say, the growth in the Internet audience will of course fuel a huge growth in advertising and communication on the Internet.
• The use of the Internet will move from just being a PC phenomenon to accessing the world wide web through other devices like mobiles, smart phones, etc.
• Mobile phone are growing at a very fast pace in India, especially the CDMA segment. This augurs well for the internet access, especially since the access device is beyond the PC.
• The Internet penetration in India is just about 4.5%. Hence, growth potential is huge. In the next five years, India is tipped to be the No. 2 country in terms of Internet Audience, 2nd only to China.
• The Internet audience in India is predominantly a male audience (70% male), 50% + in the 20 to 39 years age group and the largest primary access point is office. All this makes the Indian Internet audience a highly desirable audience for any marketer.
• To put this in perspective, the overall English print readership is around 30 mn and the English print advertising market is about US$ 400 mn. Compared with this the size of the Internet advertising market in 2005 was US$ 26 mn. The growth potential, is therefore, really huge.
• Display advertising is expected to grow at a rate of at least 50% for this year. In 5 years time, display advertising on the net is expected to grow to US$ 128 mn. Adding on search, which is growing at a phenomenal pace ( In the US, search accounts for 40% of the spends on the Internet and this trend is being mirrored elsewhere), the overall advertising spends on the Internet is estimated to be around US$ 214 mn.
• This would be approximately 4.9% of the overall advertising spends in the country. Again, the projections seem quite on track as the Internet spend ratio in the US for 2004 was at 4.8% and for the 2005 at approx. 6.5%.
• If anything, the actual spends may even be higher than the current projections.

About Us:

• We are a digital marketing solutions company that partners with marketers to unleash the power of the digital media to achieve their business objectives.
• Our application of Technology, Methodology & Expertise helps businesses ATTRACT, CONVERT and RETAIN customers
• We boasts of a team of 85+ experienced professionals with an unmatched passion for the digital medium and interactive marketing backgrounds.
• We currently has 3 offices, in Mumbai.
• We started our first online marketing activity campaign on the 5th of April 2005, Currently they have 36+ clients
• Currently We are the No.1 SEO marketing agency in India.
• The services that We will provide are as follows:
• Internet & Mobile marketing strategy
• Media planning & buying
• Communication design
• Campaign implementation & optimization
• Search engine marketing (search engine optimization and Search engine marketing)
• Data capture & routing
• Performance & ROI tracking
• E-commerce strategy and ennoblement

How big will it be in 5 years?

Our Projection for 5 years
The major revenue streams for us are as follows:
• Internet / Mobile Advertising
• Search Marketing
• Ad-Network

The Ad-Network Business:

Ad-Networks are reasonably new to most Indian advertisers except the very evolved ones. We are looking at starting an ad-network. This would be split into contextual advertising, CPM deals and performance based deals – either CPC or CPL or CPS. The network concepts lends itself very well to a performance based option which in turn makes it attractive to use arbitrage I order to maximize returns.

Last but not the least, We aims to be the No.1 player in the digital communication space in the next 12 months.

What I can do For your SEM/SEO Strategies and work:

I will leads and guides the development of overall client objectives and the ongoing strategic direction of the account or group of accounts. I will be the lead client contact and oversee a single account or multiple accounts. I focuses on developing and strengthening positive client relationships at all levels, and for overall client satisfaction to achieve revenue growth of the account and the relationship, as appropriate.

I must be able to simultaneously manage a number of projects at a higher level than the Account Manager, leverage knowledge and experience from project to project, identify common goals and ensure quality deliverables to clients that are on strategy.

Major Job Responsibilities / Accountabilities:

• Demonstrates bigger picture understanding of client's marketing strategy and can communicate how current data insights/tactics associate with longer-term strategy objectives become a true client partner.
• Anticipates client questions and has well thought-out answers and solutions
• Demonstrate a solid understanding of SEM/SEO services.
• Grow client revenue by selling (up-sell / cross-sell) creative solutions and ideas in all our Services, i.e., natural search, paid search, web development, creative, technology, analytics and reporting.
• Advise client on how to improve performance.
• Ability to take complex ideas and explain to clients
• Develop full scope of work.
• Manage the overall client relationship by setting and delivering upon client expectations
• Ensure deliverables meet client's strategy and drive the account forward based on client objectives
• Lead regular client presentations and strategic discussions; be involved with, and sometimes lead, higher level negotiations with clients including but not limited to contracts, bid pricing, billing, and conflict situations.
• Define and develop measurement models for project success with clients
• Spearhead consistent review of project delivery, research, analysis, best practices, etc
• Ensure consistency and accuracy on all proposals by working closely with the marketing team.
• Assist in the creation of standards (documentation/strategies/process) that become Our best practices and the development of new sustained client engagements and agreements.
• Responsible for motivating and inspiring account manager
• Mentor, train, and develop new account managers (if any)

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